It's All About the Scents!

by - September 27, 2015

Lavender and roses. Strawberries and pumpkin. These are a few of my (new) favorite things. Ever since experiencing the intensity of pheromones I started associating scents with happy things again. The smell of freshly cut grass never fails to take me back to the time I lived in Florida as a kid and curry always reminds me of an amazing restaurant I went to in Brighton, UK so the scent association thing isn't too far fetched for me.

I spent the summer obsessing over lavender and smelling like roses and now that a new season has begun I've added a couple of new ones. I've also been reading up on the benefits of certain scents and was surprised to know that lavender and roses are really great for mood elevation and are really soothing. I'm at a place where I've got some really great momentum so surrounding myself with feel good scents is what I want to do. 

And who doesn't want a body scrub that smells like strawberries? While I hardly eat the fruit, or any fruit for that matter, it's fun to sometimes switch out my coffee scrub with this. Or to have my face smell like pumpkins because isn't that what this season is all about?

This week, I'm going go over my favorite scented products and what it is that has me drawn to them. Trust me, you're gonna wanna pay close attention!

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