Fall 2015 Blog Goals

by - September 28, 2015

Me and my goals! I have a knack for making a ton of them but only achieving a few which is a bit of a bummer but I don't beat myself up over it.

I'm trying to write more and get things streamlined so they're a nice flow to this. I also have some great posts coming up with lovely photos that Jennifer and I shot while I was in NYC. Turns out she is absolutely amazing at photo styling so I'm hoping to have her do more of that for the blog. Seriously, she blew me away.

With 3 months left in 2015 here is what I plan on accomplishing:

1. Increase Revenue- I want to increase my blog revenue by at least 25% each month until 2016.

2. Write More- This is always a goal because I want to keep consistency.

3. Create a Media Kit-I wanted to do this over the summer but slacked on it. This time I won't. I want to enter 2016 with a super amazing start

4. Get My Dream Template- I have an idea of exactly what I want but I haven't found anything remotely close to it that works with blogger, so I may have leave them for an awesome re-launch in 2016.

There you have it! I have 3 months to work on these goals and I think I'm off to a pretty good start on at least two of them. I didn't realize how much work it is to turn a blog into a business these days (or ever actually). I feel like I do more work on this than I do at my 9-5 job because I always have a deadline looming but it's something I love so I'm willing to give it my all until I can start blogging from Paris. Oui oui!

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