Don't Fret--Mini Season Isn't Over Yet

by - September 14, 2015

September 23rd marks the end of summer but thankfully, I live in sunny SoCal so I pretty much get to enjoy the sun 10 months out of the year. But living in New York City never stopped me from wearing my beloved minis. I haven't work pants since 2010. Yes, seriously! I still own a bunch but aside from yoga pants to lounge or workout I'm always seen in dresses or skirts.

I suffered for fashion during my time in NYC. During the cold winter months I could always be seen zooming in or out of a train station in a mid-thigh pea coat, tights and boots. Sometimes I'd even double up on tights because I lost the ability to be comfortable in a pair or pants or jeans.

Here are some minis that would look great solo and with tights when it get chillier out.Their great materials and different cuts would make any of these a great addition to your wardrobe.

1.  Textured Cotton Skirt-$46.00

2. Flared Jacquard Mini Skirt- $99.99

3. Alko Ruffle Mini Skirt- $238.00

4. Mini Skirt with Flounce- $69.90

5. Wrap-front Skirt- $34.99

Every year I make the 'I'm going to wear pants this year' announcement and it never happens. With the cute minis in this post and the countless others that I'm drooling over...I'll see if I can spare a day in 2016.

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