Foil-Stamped State Maps

by - May 28, 2015

I've been looking for some art to decorate my space for the last few months and came across this cool sit called Minted. It's basically independent artists selling their amazing photos and artwork in a way that's simpler than searching through Etsy for pieces because it's not as overwhelming.

I'm really into clean lines, open spaces and love using white, gold and silver together so when I saw these foil art pieces I was in heaven. I think it's a great way to pay homage to where you're from and where you are now, or to give love to a place of some kind of significance to your life, without worrying about it clashing with everything else in your space.

I didn't make an effort to decorate my last two apartments in LA because I still felt like a long term visitor up until now. In this new place, and after 3 years in SoCal, I'm finally ready to set down some roots (in a decor sense) and am looking into ways that I can make this and any future home reflect me as best as possible. I love the NYC foil print by Alex Elko Design but my only complaint is that it cuts off Manhattan so that my neighborhood isn't shown which kind of sucks but I does show my old hood in Astoria and the rest of the island which is where I made my mark so it's kind of a win.

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