H&M Autumn 2014 Finds

by - August 16, 2014


I know we all love summer for the suns wonderful rays, the awesome tans and the outfits that help us show off all our hard work at the gym but we can't deny that the chill in the air when the sun sets means one thing: Fall! And then that means cute fall outfits will b everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

Fall is my absolute favorite season because it lets me wear my micro minis with my fun and funky tights that I buy at Primark every time I go to the UK. It also lets me wear my favorite fabrics and textures which are wool and tartan. And boots. Can't forget the boots. I have over 30 pairs of boots and booties alone that have pretty much gone unworn since I moved to LA over two years ago.

Now H&M basically owns the market in fall weather clothes and I pretty much go broke every August and September (and October, November...you get it!) buying a bunch of new gear for the fashion shows I like to give the streets of New York City. While I normally do dark colors and reserve my pinks for a nice leather mix but some of these pieces have me really excited to try it for a change.

H&M's Autumn 2014 collection not only includes the typical wool items like capes, hats and boots but they included some flowery prints, creams and light pinks to help you ease into the new season better. They turned a simple thing like a tank top in this cool cut out tank that has mesh at the shoulders as well as at the v. Or if you want something that's more of an all in one they have this beautiful sleeveless dress in a crepe weave with fun diagonal pleats. It can be paired with a dark or light blazer and would look amazing with booties!

I recommend heading out to your nearest H&M ASAP to grab some of these pieces before they're sold out or if you aren't near one and have a few of their items at home you can always check out their website to order online. Just remember that regular H&M gear and their Divided collection are sized a bit different. They also run big on their bulkier items such as their coats. I'm a size 4 in all of my H&M coats/jackets but a size 6 in their dresses.

Happy Shopping!

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