3 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 2

by - January 02, 2014

On January 1st I started a 3 day juice cleanse with my cousin. We figured it was a great way to jump start the month (and year) and also help our bodies recover from feasting over the holidays. Even though I did eat super healthy on New Years Eve and did not consume anything fried or processed I still ate more than I was used to so the cleanse was an awesome kick start.

The cleanse involves drinking 6 16oz juices that use some of the same ingredients which is good. I labeled and pre-bagged all the ingredients and just resigned myself to juicing 6 times a day. So far I'm almost done with Day 2 and I'm really excited. I had two juices before doing a 2 mile run and will probably only have 2 more today. I plan on just continuing the cleanse until I'm done with my juices and continuing to appreciate a low carb/fat lifestyle.

All the ingredients for one of my Day 2 drinks

The fact that mot ingredients retain a lot of water made them turn into a juice really fast

Nut milk. Cashews, almonds, walnuts and macadamia nuts with some cinnamon, vanilla and agave

This was so heavenly. I want to make one of these every night.

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