Moisturizer Du Jour

by - May 02, 2013

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Every year Sephora comes out with a summer sun kit that's filled with bronzers, self tanners and most importantly: products with sun block. The price is usually in the area of $30 and comes FILLED with items. Filled to the point that it's now almost a year later and I am still using some of the items.

To date my favorite has been Supergoop! Everyday Face & Body Lotion. I like that it's really lightweight and has a nice refreshing scent. I only used this on my face because I had a 1oz tube but I just ordered the monster 18oz one because I'm really bad at applying separate sunblock on top of my bronzer or moisturizers in the summer.

At $48 the price may seem a bit steep but it's a great product to have in the house for a face and body moisturizer and sun protector.

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