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by - March 20, 2013

I’ve always been fond of airplanes and travel thanks to constantly riding in one when I was younger. I’ve never not had a passport and feel like kid in a candy store whenever I’m near an airport. Needless to say I am a certifiable airport nerd. Luckily my ability to travel helps me be around them a lot. The past few times that I’ve gone to Europe I’ve had to country hop in order to visit friends and check out some sites that I’ve always wanted to see or revisit some favorites and that always required a tight schedule and budget. My last lengthy trip spanned 4 countries, 9 cities, 8 plane rides, 3 train rides and   no sleep and I managed to do it all without missing a beat. Being a frugal traveler goes a long way and I’ll be sharing some of my tips here. My thinking is this: When I’m on vacation I will not deprive myself of anything. Booze, food, cheesy touristy things--it’s all going to happen. I always work my butt off the months prior to a trip and usually come back with just enough money for the airtrain (when in NYC) but it’s all worth it. The memories I’ve made on all those trips always put a smile on my face and remind me to plan my next escape.

People at my current 9-to-5 are amazed by my stories and assume that I was able to do it because I had money. Not so my friends! The only way I was ever able to go anywhere was when I earned the money for flights, trains, hotels, hostels, apts, etc. Nothing was given to me and I hope I can give anyone who thinks they can’t afford something hope that they really can. To a travel expect this will be a bit of a bore but to a novice I hope it’ll light a spark that will just grow and grow until they finally that that trip they thought they’d never be able to take.

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