Dieting or “Dieting”

by - March 20, 2013

I am addicted to food. I love it. I hate it. I want it. I wish it didn't exist. ADDICTED! My relationship with it isn't the best because of what it does to my body. Moderation isn't something I really liked doing and that didn't help much in this department. As much as I love to eat there is a sense of pleasure and accomplishment that I always used to get whenever I resisted something or only ate a baby handful of food for lunch. While I’ve never been rail thin my super thin upper arms, amazing bone structure in my face and my protruding collarbone were something I always wanted to keep. 

And then suddenly I turned 30 and my body said fuck it. EAT! ENJOY IT! And I listened. I listened to it so much that in two years I slowly gained 30lbs. Oh the horror! The shock! I blame a slight shift in my mental state for all that since I was kinda happy and not being obsessed with barely eating could have had a lot to do with it but with 9.5 months of living in LA under my belt I am very happy to say that I’ve gotten rid of 20 of those pounds and I vow to never ever gain them back. I mean, I have an entire wardrobe that I have spent years putting together and not only can I not afford and entire new one I wont be able to find 95% of the these items in another size.  S0 in an effort to stay a healthy weight that my closet agrees with I’m starting up this little section. It will be filled with sarcasm, a bit of insanity (it hasn't gone away completely) and probably a couple of food porn photos every now and then.

Please note: I have a lot of friends that always have something to say about my cray relationship with food and say “healthy eating, portion control, moderation” etc is what I need to do. Everyone knows that. EVERYONE! But if it was that easy to follow gyms wouldn’t make so much money in December and January. And in terms of moderation well, if anyone has ever gotten drunk then they can’t talk. 

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