About Us

I'm Diane, former NYC girl that's settling some roots here in sunny SoCal! I've never been the type to describe something in five words or less so starting a blog came natural. Moving to Los Angeles has inspired me to turn my love of makeup, cooking and writing into something that can become more than just a passion but a career. I used to always say that passion didn't pay the bills but that was before I moved to a place filled with sunny skies and fresh air almost all year that I want to enjoy.

My current obsessions are chai lattes, my plants and finding out ways to become a better writer for all my lovely readers!

For questions, post ideas or if you want to hire me to write for you fill out this form.

Jenniffer was raised in NYC with all her cousins (including Diane). She's currently a pre-med student who's had a passion for fashion, event planning and home decor ever since she could remember. She's always on the lookout for the fun and creative things to do in NYC without breaking the bank.

While she's still getting used to social media she is OBSESSED with her Pinterest account and can easily go into a black hole and pin 100+ things in one sitting. 

Just a few months apart, we were raised like sisters and have always had silly and fun adventures. From mock tea parties to travels in Europe, we like to take things on together and can't wait to see where this takes us!