Thank You Notes To Myself

by - January 28, 2018

Gratitude. It seems to be the theme of 2018. People are becoming more thankful for everyone and everything around them. But of course the one thing we tend to forget to be thankful for is ourselves. For what? For everything. Breathing, getting out of bed, creating, existing, etc.

I for one have the biggest love/hate relationship with myself. My MDD has me over the moon about life one day and stuck in bed the next. Or sometimes these happen on the same day. But despite all that I'm trying to be a hippie about everything and focus on being positive. I know that we are what we think and even if shit is going real bad, if we look on the bright side of things and don't dwell on it, we can see the silver lining, so with that being said, I'm amping up my desire to surround myself with positive thoughts and I'm going to "send" myself a thank you card everyday.

Yes, Everyday. Some will be repeated, because I'm going to chose them at random, but every morning I'm going to go to my little box of thank you cards and have a reason to say your welcome. To myself. Cue The Rock singing the song from Moana.

So what will I have on these cards you ask? (because duh, you're asking). Here are just a few things that I am going to thank myself for. I totally welcome any and all suggestions because I have 100 cards to write and you know damn well that I won't have them all filled up at the time of this post.

Thank you for....

❤ your excellent taste in music
❤ letting us sleep in
❤ always having champagne
❤ sleeping with an eye mask
❤ knowing that writing is like therapy, and doing it obsessively
❤ taking care of our skin. We can take the credit along with genetics ;-)
❤ taking silly selfies 
❤ not giving up. Even when we want to give up
❤ dreaming
❤ not reading what you wrote when we were sad. We know better!
❤ always wanting to learn. (share this one with Netflix, History Channel, and Wikipedia)
❤ being creative. My god! In the right mood, we create magic
❤ showing up
❤ knowing that things will always get better
❤ nothing specific, just merci

you know I was super careful to write this neat!

With that being said, I need a ton of thank you cards and while I was a little confused as to what I would use these for when they were sent over, I now have the perfect use for them. These Thank You cards by Mecooa are really simple yet pack a big punch. With gold foil lettering in a simple all black background, this let's the purpose of the card shine, and is very in with the gold foil that's been huge over the last couple of years. The envelopes are delivered in a cute box that will keep them safe from getting wrinkled or damaged. I'm keeping the box to store my pre-written cards. I think it'll look cute on my kitchen counter and will give me more of an incentive to check my card everyday.

And while I am dedicating these thank you cards to myself, I appreciate the fact that some of you out there have someone that you'd like to give these to. I think it'll be wonderful way to give your partner, parent, child, roommate or best friend a daily reason to smile and feel appreciated, because sometimes we just don't have to time to say it.

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