Packing Tips for the Holiday Season

by - October 26, 2016

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The holiday season is starting up soon and that means mostly everyone will have to pack a suitcase or weekend bag at least once. I for one will be heading out east for Christmas and I'm already preparing myself for the insanity that lies ahead. Namely, deciding what to pack and how to go about it!

Now I'm always one to over-pack when I head home. My checked and carryon bags are always overflowing because I pack so many things: just in case. But, of course, I usually end up wearing about a quarter of what I bring with me. When I went to NYC in May I felt like I did the best job packing and now I'm here to share what I learned with you guys! Follow my guide below to get the most out of your holiday packing, from knowing how to decide on what to bring to ensuring that you have your all your essentials with you when traveling. And of course making sure your clothes are super clean without having perfumes or dyes that can irritate sensitive skin using all® free clear detergents before and after the trip to avoid irritation is a must!

1. Decide on What to Pack. The first thing you want to do when packing for a trip is being realistic. Do you really need two pairs of stilettos when you're going to be in 30-degree weather? And what about those short skirts...the answer is no. Packing for the place you're going to without over packing is tough but it can be done. Because most people tend to repeat items of clothing at least 3 times during a two week it's essential to pack items, like tops, that will go with more than one bottom.

2.  Clean Things Up. Once you've settled on what you want to take on your trip, make sure it's all nice and clean! I don't like to do laundry before I figure out what to pack because when things are folded nicely I tend to overdo it and waste space in my suitcase. Washing my clothes with all® free clear detergent is the way I like to do it. I developed allergies as I got into my 30's and I found that detergents with dyes and heavy scents not only make me sneeze like crazy but it's also had me super itchy. I love that all® free clear liquid detergent is the #1 recommended by Dermolotolists, Allergists, and Pediatricians for people with sensitive skin like me. Plus the fact that there's no fragrance means that it won't conflict with my favorite body sprays or perfumes. When I travel back from NYC in the spring, which is where I get seasonal allergies, I like to wash my clothes when I get home to get rid of all the allergens as it removes 99% of them.

3. Pack Smart. Now that you've got everything washed it's time to pack! I love using packing cases to store my socks, bras, and underwear because if I'm living out of a suitcase for a few weeks I want easy access to my necessities. They really are the greatest thing ever and will prevent the overwhelming suitcase explosion that can easily happen every time the suitcase is opened! I not only use these for my undergarments, but I use them for my toiletries as well. If I could have my suitcase filled with them, I will so trust me, these are everything.

4. Have Your Essentials Handy. With being all packed the last thing you'll need is to make sure you've got all your essentials within arms reach in case of a delay. When I travel I like to put things that I can use to entertain or refresh myself in my carry on bag just in case I have a super long lay over or my suitcase gets re-routed. This is must whenever someone hops on a plane but even more so when flying over the holidays. I like to always have my medication, wipes to freshen up my face, a book to read and something to play with. Oh and snacks! You must always carry snacks in your carry on.

All in all, if you follow these four steps not only will you stop yourself from overpacking but you will have everything you need within arms reach. If you're like me and have sensitive skin or travel to places where your allergies are sure to flare up having all free clear detergent is the best way to get rid of any irritants from your clothing. all® free clear comes in liquid form, all® free clear Mighty Pacs® (perfect for those with a heavy pour, like me),  and also all® Free Clear fabric softenerso all® free Clear fabric softener. With this array of products, there's no need to sacrifice your sensitive skin in order to have super clean and fresh clothes.

So give it a try! Plan your holiday packing wisely and start using a detergent that is both great for your clothes and your skin. Let me know if I've missed any tips and the difference that switching to all® free clear  has made for your skin!

You can find this entire line in the laundry section of most large stores. I went over to Walmart to grab mine and will continue to do so in the future. Like I always say, trust will love this!

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