Affordable Skincare Finds Where You Least Expect It!

by - August 26, 2016

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a skincare and beauty blogger I "have" to constantly buy products to discover, discuss and compare. My bathroom counter, drawers and shelves look like a store counter and people love staying over because they always get to use a new product and I have so many things that I tend to give some away.

I'm blessed with almost perfect skin. I don't break out, I get oily once every few months and I have zero wrinkles. It's pretty amazing. I do however have to maintain it because a few years ago when I did nothing but stay out all night I felt like my skin aged drastically. At that moment I was buying and trying really expensive products but after a few years I decided to check out some affordable alternatives because it would help me save tons of money but would also let me buy MORE PRODUCTS!

After going the drugstore route for a few years I've built a great relationship with a few brands: Neutrogena, Clean & Clear and Simple. Those are the one I use the most for my skincare needs when I'm home as well as on the go. These are brands that I used before I became a skincare junkie and now that I've tried products ranging from $3-$65, I can honestly say that these brands really deliver.

Neutrogena's Deep Clean Facial Cleanser is a product that I mention time and time again. It really is wonderful and leaves my skin super clean without drying it out. I always make sure to have at least two in my bathroom: one for my skin as well as one in my shower. I also really love using Garnier's Daily Exfoliating Cleanser. because it gets deep into my pores and gets rid of all of the nasties that get in there. It's also great for the days that I'm trying out tons of moisturizers and foundation for my blog.

When I travel I always keep cleansing wipes handy, especially if the flight is really long! While I don't have my face in anything when I fall asleep on a plane I still like to be totally refreshed when I land and get some moisture back into my skin due to it drying out in the air. Simple Wipes are the way to go for me. They're super refreshing and lets me get rid of all the dirt thats built up in my face. I not only use them when I travel, I like to keep one in my gym bag because if I don't wipe my makeup of before working out my towel looks like it belongs to a clown!

The great thing about all of these products is that they can easily be found at Dollar General. I was surprised to find out that some of my favorite brands were sold there because it is technically a dollar store but with affordable great products. Knowing that they sell Neutrogena, Garnier, Clean & Clear, Simple, and a slew of other brands that I love is nice because I can either go to their store or order these products online at affordable prices (which as I mentioned before lets me buy more of them!).

 Find these products and more at Dollar General. Not only do they carry the brands I love they also carry a ton of name brand items that have a wonderful reputation as well as their own Dollar General brand products. I'm glad I found a new place to stock up on everything I need for my skin in one shot. And if I'm not interested in leaving my apartment I can have them delivered individually or in bulk. Now how awesome is that! SO seriously, take my advise: Discover beauty products, tips and more in the Dollar General Beauty Zone. Your skin and wallet will thank you!

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