On The Go Aromatherapy

by - June 02, 2016

I love two things: shiny things and relaxing scents. Getting them both together seems like an impossibility unless you have the chance to wear an Aromatherapy Necklace.

Whenever I would think about something like this Rosemary's Baby would come to mind...in a cool way, not at all creepy! The fact that I could wear something around my neck that gave me an instant sense of relief and relaxation is something I desperately need. I suffer from anxiety and have been trying to wean off my medication so having something that can keep me in a good place mentally, even in the tiniest way, is a win in my eyes!

This necklace is really pretty with awesome detail in the chain and came with and has some cute bling along the front. It came with about 7 diff pads that I could put drops of my favorite essential oils so that I don't have to keep reusing one and have all of the scents turn into one. I normally wear this with my rose oil but I might start using a sponge with lavender in it and keep it on my pillow so I can get enveloped with the scent without filling up my whole apartment with it like I would if I used a diffuser.

Overall this is a great necklace and is perfect for those stressful times that we all tend to have. It's stylish, beautiful and serves a great purpose!

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