Moving Around Until You Set Down Roots Shouldn't Be a Burden

by - April 19, 2016

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.

Staying in one place for long is not my idea of fun!

I'm that one obnoxious person that can easily say they're a NYLA. Or that wants to say it at least! With my heart and soul in New York City and my body in Los Angeles it's hard to do certain things that mean I'm setting roots. Getting a California ID was tough and I cringe whenever I call a highway the freeway but one thing that I haven't done yet is fully furnish a place.

Next month is my four years anniversary (or moviversary, because why not?) and it's a great time to reflect on how deep my roots here have gotten. I went from living in a studio apt with a Murphy bed in a questionable part of North Hollywood to one of the most coveted luxury buildings in the area but I can count on one hand how much furniture I've actually purchased. Committing to a couch means I'm committing to this city and while I love it I love that Paris and London are in my not so distant future.

When I moved into my new building I was checking out all the things offered and saw that I would get discounts from CORT Furniture Rental. I checked out their site, their offerings, and thought it was a great idea for someone like me. Fast forward to now, three months later, and the opportunity to delve deep into what CORT was all about and share it with my readers landed on my lap.

I love that CORT has more than one option

What initially drew me to CORT was that they had items listed by room or by piece. I'm good on bedroom furniture but my living room still needs a lot of work. I've been hesitant to purchase anything pricey because I feel like I'd rather do that when I buy a home. I've also avoided buying second hand items from online sites because I would feel a lot more comfortable knowing that everything in my place has always been well kept.

The great thing about CORT is how convenient it is. If you're like me and like to move around a lot it's so much easier and convenient to not have to deal with moving large items from place to place and rent furniture instead. For someone like me, with very little things in terms or furniture, their move in ready package is amazing because all you have to do is go on their site and pick things out room and room and need to wait months to have a fully furnished place with things that may not work out with the next apartment.

This is what my latest apt looked like for almost 3 months as I slowly got it furnished

There are always two things that happen when I move. One, I end up getting rid of a ton of things and then two, once I move into my new place, I go through another purging. With my clothes, shoes, records and sentimental items being the main focus of my moves I'm so glad I don't have to worry about whether or not a couch that I bought secondhand is worth the move.

If you're thinking of making a big move across the country or are moving out on your own for the first time you should totally give CORT a try. They have a wide range of styles that you can chose from and if you decide that the place you're in isn't for you it relieves you of the stress of trying to sell things you don't deem worthy enough to move!

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