All Shoes are Make For Walking Thanks to Foot Petals Sock-free Saviors

by - April 12, 2016

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Foot Petals for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
Having had to commute to school and work using mass transit for over 15 years has made a walker out of me. Even now that I live in LA I prefer to pound the pavement if I'm going somewhere that requires a walk that's 20 mins and under. I take a car to and from work about 6 times a week and I walk the others. I like walking because it lets me see things that I miss when I'm in a car and it lets me stop and smell the roses, or go into a shop to try on a pair of shoes on a whim.

Walking also gives me time to think. I remember years ago when I was in Paris for a solo trip I loved getting up early and go for walks so I could soak up the sights and sounds, and also get to know myself. With all that being said, sometimes walking gets on the way of my comfort. During my NYC days I lived by the theory that beautiful shoes required Tylenol because they were hardly ever comfortable. These days I'm a whole lot practical but still wear some shoes that aren't the best for walking, especially when my job requires me to look nice and run around taking care of our clients. 
I love how thin these are!
No need to worry about one size that doesn't fit all!

The Foot Petals Sock-free Saviors were easy to get fitted. I put the heel of my foot at the bottom edge of and checked to see if I needed to leave it as it was or cut it to medium or small. I had to go for medium so I went to work cutting them out and put them in my favorite pair of booties. With my Sock-Free Saviors I was ready to head on to work and then run some errands after wards without bringing along a pair of sandals or sneakers in order to really put them to the test. 

Making sure my favorite booties will always be comfy!
I decided to walk a little more than normal today because I wanted to see how long it would have taken for my feet to start getting tired and it took a bit longer than normal. I wasn't rushing to sit down whenever I had a free moment and the soles of my feet weren't in pain. I manage a lot of people at work and am always walking around the office answering questions, going to the printers or getting tons of coffee and I have noticed a major difference in how my feet feel afterwards.

 I'm really happy with these and even though they are made of materials that I can wear over and over, I think I'm going to get a few extra pairs to keep inside the shoes and boots that I wear the most when I'm ready to hit the town. I tend to wear a few of the same pairs of shoes over and over (creature of habit!) so the fact that they over odor control, keep my feet dry and are machine washable is amazing. I've never used any kind of insoles that were able to give me all three so I was walking on cloud nine over that.
These Foot Petals make being on my feet at work all day a dream!
April 1st is National Walk to Work Day and I plan on making full use of these. Let me know in the comments below if you plan to take advantage of it as well! And be sure to check out (and like) the Foot Petals Facebook to stay in the loop!
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