A Much Needed Aid for Sleep on Flights & After Long Nights of Partying!

by - December 17, 2015

I have several sleep masks from Virgin Atlantic and Air Berlin and while I love the colors, designs and handy little carrying cases they're a nightmare for my eye makeup and hair. The elastic string always leaves a mark on my hair after being on for about 6 hours and if I try to put it at the nape of my neck I keep waking up with the mask trying to suffocate me! Then there's what it does to my eye makeup: Imagine landing in London after a 7 hours flight with smudged makeup from the night before--eek! Unlike other people I like to land in the Europe ready to hit the town so perfect hair and makeup are just as essential as the perfect shoes and outfit.

I've been using NightValley Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs for a few days now in preparation for a red eye flight and I'm so glad I have it. I've been having trouble staying asleep because my neighbors have a flood light that when on seeps through my shades and dark curtains. It's not super bright i my room but it doesn't have the darkness I need when I'm trying to fall back asleep. This mask helps prevent that and I've gone back to sleeping throughout the night without any light related issues.
Another reason I like this mask is because it isn't flush against my eyeballs. I'm always able to sleep with one when I'm on a plane because I'm already semi uncomfortable but I always felt like I was able to get kidnapped if I woke up with someone pressed against my eyelids! NightValley Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs is perfectly contoured to avoid that feeling and when I wake up in the morning I don't go into an instant panic.
This sleep mask also prevents that annoying indentation on my hairline because instead of an elastic band it's held together by an adjustable strap to ensure that it's not to tight around the face or through the back.
I'm excited to see how much better I sleep when I take my red eye flight next week and for my subsequent European trips. 

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