Going Natural with Organic Hydrating Serum + Cleanser

by - December 09, 2015

I have a friend that is super green. She only eats organic food, her household products are all natural and recently she trashed hundreds of dollars with of skincare and makeup products because of all the chemicals in them. And yes, I almost cried when she did that. She's the reason I eat organic produce and try to be consistent with taking care of my body and even though I'm a huge believer in science, love hardcore skincare products, little by little I'm changing the way I do certain things because she is one to do her research and doesn't have her head in the clouds.

Having said all that, even though I have tons of skincare products that have unpronounceable words I am going to try to change things up so that eventually all of my products are as natural as can be and Purxury's Organic Hydrating Serum and Cleanser is the first item on my list. When I received the package I loved the way the bottle and label looked. Simple, looked like something that could be found in an apothecary shop and with all the ingredients listed on the back. And to my joy the word organic is on 10 of the 15 ingredients in it. With Vitamin E, A and Carrot seed oil, as well as steam-distilled rosewater not needed it.

I used this as a cleanser in the morning and then at night to wash away residue from makeup, sweat from the gym and just being outdoors in general. I followed their directions which is to rub 3 drops to the face and eye area in a circular motion and then using a sot washcloth with warm water and press it into your skin and then wipe off. Pretty simple. The second time I used it though I rubbed it into my skin and then used my Soniclear brush to let it penetrate a bit deeper into my skin and so far I'm loving it.

While I was only sent the serum and cleanser to review the company also let me try some of their handmade soaps which were also a hit! I'm obsessed with the scent of roses lately and to my surprise I was sent a sample of their rose, honey, and detox charcoal which I've been hearing nothing but good things about so that was pretty cool. Oh, and the serum has an expiration date and comes in a dark bottle. These are key because sometimes light can ruin the effects of a lot of vitamins and because they contain no preservatives they still last about a year but no longer than that. However, I'm sure the serum will be used up a lot quicker than that.

Now I know that most of my readers are avid Sephora shoppers and are pro chemicals but I urge you to give this product a try. I'll be writing a lot about natural skin care products and hopefully makeup once I find the right ones for me so this is a great way to start. And because my readers are super awesome, Purxury is letting you guys get 20% off using the discount code: Fascination20.

Try this and their their soaps out and let me know what you think!

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