A Cordless Vacuum to Match My Wireless Life

by - November 25, 2015

Thank you Hoover Air Cordless Vacuums for sponsoring this post. Cut the cord with Hoover! No cord, no bull.

I moved into a fabulous 3 story condo earlier this year and while I love the space and the view I get from my balconies I'm not a fan of having different types of floors to constantly clean. The entire downstairs, minus the bathrooms, and the all the staircases are carpeted whereas the main and top level all has bamboo wood which gets dirty super fast and has to be cleaned weekly. Poor me, right?

But even with cleaning the floors every week or so I still have the issue of needing to get the carpets cleaned and surprisingly enough in such a big apartment we don't have a closet that we can use to store or large cleaning supplies. Instead we have to stick it in our guest bathroom which I dislike doing. So imagine having to put a monster vacuum in there as well. No way! I've only lived in one place with carpeting before and luckily my roommate had a vacuum but when I moved into this place it wasn't something that I thought of doing. Our go-to solution has been to hire a cleaning service to come in once a month with their own vacuum but they complained that while they didn't mind bringing supplies that their cords weren't long enough to take car of the stairs leading to the top floor and the landing due to the lack of outlets. That was a problem because going to a hardware store wasn't something I was ever planning on doing just to get an extension cord.

But along came the Hoover Cordless 2-in-1 Stick and Handheld VacuumOh how happy was I when I learned that Hoover wanted me to give this vacuum a try and let my readers what I thought about it. On top of having carpeting in my place I have two couches so the fact that this is a full and handheld vacuum had me over the moon. When I first received the vacuum I didn't realize that I was also able to use it on my hard floors as well so that added an extra touch to how much I like this machine because I always sweep but end up leaving piles of dust everywhere because I promise to get back to it but seem to forget. The Hoover seriously  makes cleaning my hardwood floors that much easier because then all I have to do is pass the mop over it real fast afterwards until I get their Floormate Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner that will do that for me.

I really like that this vacuum is lightweight because I have zero upper body strength and the charge on the battery is long enough to clean two downstairs bedrooms, all of the staircases and my hardwood floors without losing any bit of power thanks to their LithiumLife battery that has double the capacity of their standard 18-volt ones which means it has a longer run time and fade-free power. Since I have really big bedrooms as well as furniture it was cool to be able to weave in and out without having to constantly unplug and replug it. The fact that it's super flexible and moves with ease is a great advantage as well because it's small enough that it can go deep under my bed and grab all the dust that's collecting under it.

Every time I use this vacuum on either my carpet or hard floors they look like they did when I first moved in. It's a really powerful machine and the fact that I can do so many things with it means I don't have to hire a cleaning service for my vacuuming, cleaning my hard floors or dusting--because I can use the handheld attachment for that as well. Like I mentioned before, I'm interested in getting their Floormate Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner as well so that I  don't have to mop and I like I can use the same battery for both machines because it provides versatility to tackle a variety of messes with just the right tool for the job, whether it's the entire apartment or just picking up a quick mess.

Overall this is a super cool product and think that this line is a total musts for anyone moving into a new place, needs to clean any type of floor and can't be bothered by cords.

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