Brunching It Up!

by - September 21, 2015

Brunch is the most exciting meal of the day. On Saturdays and Sunday's at least. There are very
few things that I enjoy more than waking up late on a weekend day and having pancakes, fruits,
eggs and of course a champagne drink.

While I adore my wine and don't shy away from drinking it when the mood strikes I really like
the refreshing taste of champagne mixed with orange juice or something else just as fruity.
I invited some of my girlfriends over for brunch to catch up and spend some time together
before we got really busy with kids going to school, working getting kicked into high gear and
the cool breeze makes us never want to leave our apartments. Mind you, I'm currently in NYC
getting ready to say goodbye to my friends and family while I hide out in LA until next summer
so this brunch was highly in order.

My menu from this brunch was as delicious as the drinks that we had. I made frittatas (whole
and egg whites), bagels with lox and mini quiches. It was fun putting it all together and making
different frittatas for my friends who are a little picky with what they like to eat. While they
were all loaded with veggies some had bacon, and sausages and various types of cheeses. It was my first time making those and I was so happy that they were a hit!

To tie it all together I served up some bellinis and mimosas using Andre Champagne. They have 
an array of flavors to choose from but I decided to go with their Andre Brut Extra Dry because I 
find that this pairs better with orange juice or peach nectar. I really made my brunch a bit more
epic with Andre by serving up something that was crisp, refreshing and delicious when
mixed or on its own.

I love having friends over for get togethers and I especially like it when I can make it a farewell
brunch as I head back to my second home in LA. So tell me, how will you mix your Andre
Champagne and what type of gatherings will you make #EpicWithAndre?

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