Izze Sparking Water-A Great Organic Beverage Alternative

by - August 04, 2015

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These days, now that my balcony area is getting really decked out and pretty I've been spending more and more time out there. I recently had my friend Jess over for some girl talk and catching up after my trips to Mexico and NYC and decided to have our hangout outdoors once the sun went down.

It was already after dinner so I didn't need to make a big meal or anything heavy so I just put out some crackers, hummus and a cheese spread to munch on while we chatted. She's not a drinker of alcohol and is very into eating organic and clean as much as possible so I knew I soda was out of the question. Plus, I had to get over my habit of drinking that all the time myself. I still wanted something that was more than just water so I was so glad that Izze Sparking Water came into my life.

Enjoying some snacks as the sunsets in SoCal

I've been a sparking water drinker for some time but I've found that it could be a little too carbonated. This meant that if I didn't finish it all in one shot it would go flat and lose it's appeal. Izze Sparking Water is a really nice take on this. Not only are the new flavors that I got organic (which made Jess very happy!) but they aren't super carbonated. This meant that I was able to finish a sentence without feeling overwhelmed by the bubbles.

Of the three new flavors we enjoyed the Raspberry Watermelon and Mandarin Lime the best. The flavors in these sparkling waters were very tasty and didn't feel artificial all and that's because they aren't. I kicked the Raspberry Watermelon one up a notch by freezing some raspberries and putting them in the glass to keep our drinks cold while we savored them.

Iced Raspberries helped keep our drinks cool

Izze Sparking Waters come in 12-oz singles or 4-packs, which I recommend, because on is just not enough. For $.129 and $3.99 each they're a great alternative to water when you want to be hydrated in a healthy way but want some really good flavor. These are going to be a staple in my fridge for get-togethers and are a great way to get me off of drinking soda! Plus, being that the fruits added are organic, along with the cane sugar, this goes along with my desire to each clean for the month of August. It's a win. I totally recommend these over other carbonated beverages as a healthier alternative to any gatherings on what's left of this summer and beyond.

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