20 Things That Make Me Happy

by - August 30, 2015

I love making lists. They help me stay organized, they give me something fun to write about and they’re a cheat sheet into the life of Diane. I originally wanted to list 10 things because it’s short and sweet but I’ve never been one to make a long story short so here are 20 things that make me happy in no particular order.

  1. Waking up naturally
  2. The pop of a champagne cork
  3. Achieving goals
  4. Quoting Seinfeld 
  5. Knowing my worth
  6. Feeling a cool breeze while I’m napping
  7. The final pre-boarding drink 
  8. Doing absolutely nothing with my family
  9. Having my friends never say ‘I told you so’
  10. Fitting into an old dress
  11. Mini picnics on the Champ de Mars while the sun sets behind the Eiffel Tower 
  12. Rose macarons
  13. Making French press coffee 
  14. Singing in the shower
  15. My perfectly crafted Tears For Fears Pandora station
  16. Writing
  17. Waterproof eyeliner 
  18. Amazon Prime
  19. Personal snail mail
  20. Making lists. Did you think I was going to leave that out? I don’t think so.

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