Pick Yourself Up and Dust Yourself Off

by - December 11, 2015

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Last week I wrote about forcing myself to listen to some of the songs that reminded me of my ex. I had to do this because I couldn't let some of my favorite songs be off limits because of a connection that they had to someone. When I mentioned this to a friend she told me that she couldn't listen to The Beatles for about a year after a breakup and there was no way in hell that I was going to go that long without listening to New Order or Pulp. No way, no how!

So with all that being said, I've been putting my focus on forcing myself to feel better about the whole thing. Break ups are awful, just awful. And they're worse when no one ever officially does it even though there are tons of actions that let to it. Having said that, I've been really focusing on getting through this in a positive way.

I've been listening to some great Podcasts, I follow accounts on Twitter based on the laws of attraction and I start my morning every day in a way that a year ago, I would've laughed at the suggestion. Like I felt too cool for that kind of thing. But now that I'm trying my best to be in a positive light as much as possible I think it's a really cool thing to do. What I do every morning now, before I get out of bed, is list the things in my life that I'm grateful for. I've mentioned my health, my family, being able to buy Starbucks everyday...the works! I've found that it's just a good way to start my day and get myself on a positive mindset. Not to say I'm not getting sad when I see something that I want to share with a specific person but it prevents me from starting my day moping around like my life is over.

Overall just doing that one thing has made me feel better throughout the day. I know some people reading this will be like yea right, that doesn't work, it's all mental. But that's actually the point of it all. I'm forcing myself to push the sadness aside and by doing that it's not consuming my every thought. There is that sadness that isn't going away anytime soon and if I want to cry, like if the urge comes, I'm going to let it happen. But I'm trying to not let this get me down too much and I'm doing everything that I can to enjoy my time here in NYC with my family and friends and not let the sadness consume me.

It's been working great for me so far and think it can benefit anyone, especially those who have a crazy schedule that live in super fast paced city (ahem all my NYC friends). I'm constantly doing research on ways I can expand on this to change my way of thinking 100% and this is just the beginning. I'd love to hear about some of the ways that you guys implement the law of attraction and just overall positive thinking into your lives, so share away!

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