Relaxing Music For My Ears

by - February 19, 2015

 A few months back I wrote about a CD I was using to help me sleep. I was going through a lot at the time and nothing was working. Pills, teas--my brain refused to shut off. But thankfully I was able to get my brain to calm down by listening to the cues and allowing myself to shut down and finally get some sleep.

Now that I'm all moved and other things in my life are in place I started decorating my balcony with plants to create a sort of paradise. Now that it's finally staying warm at night here in SoCal I'm able to sit out there after work and write or just relax. The Escapes CD by Jeff Gold that I recently received is a nice addition to my outdoor space. The music is extremely soothing and relaxing. Whenever I want to sit outside and write this is what I listen to now because it won't distract me with song lyrics and it lets me stay focused on what I want to do. It reminds me of something I would hear in a yoga class or while I'm getting a massage which is never ever a bad place to feel like I'm in.

Just like with the Sleep Well CD, they're letting me give one away to one of my awesome readers. So if you're stuck in a writing rut and could use some nice chill music to get you back to it, or want new yoga tunes, let me know and you might be lucky enough to get one.

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