Ultimate Travel Pillow

by - January 05, 2015

Another great thing that I've had the chance to play with recently was something really worthy because I actually did travel right after receiving it! The Ultimate Travel Pillow was the first time I've ever used anything other than the standard issue pillow we're now starting to receive again on domestic flights.

This pillow came stored really well in its own bag and was meant to be wrapped around your seat instead of just on your neck like so many others that seems to be a bit more work than needed. It was comfortable and I did enjoy it on my red eye flight to NYC from LA last month but it wasn't enough for me to use it on my returning one because with window seats I'm usually just using my coat/sweater and a airline pillow for that extra support and this pillow, since it was filled with air, moved a lot due to the fact that I didn't have a place to secure it. If you're a fan of the aisle or middle seat though then this is a product for you because it means that you sleep on a plane sitting straight back and will take advantage of the strapped on support.

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