Never Hungover Shots

by - January 08, 2015

The holiday season is over and while to some that means and end to excessive drinking to others, like me, it's a fresh start on the boozing front. I always get really into champagne after the new year because it's all around me and I generally love the taste. I even made it my New Years Resolution to drink more champagne. How snazzy is that! But of course with drinking tons of champagne comes a slight headache...or even more! Which is why something like Never Hungover seems to come in hand!

Now, I usually just have a good time without worrying about what my body is going to go through in the morning and I've had a few mornings in the last week where I could've been in real danger if I wasn't lucky enough to avoid a hangover! I will have to say that I can drink a whole bottle of wine and be absolutely fine the next day so I'm not 100% sure if my lack of a hangover a few days ago was because of the Never Hungover shots but they were worth a try. The company tells you to you take a shot, or one of the small bottles, before going to bed to avoid a hangover. First. eek! The taste was awful.
I wouldn't want to drink this straight or ruin the taste of anything by mixing it. It was kind of gritty and had an aftertaste that didn't seem to go away.

When I woke up the morning after a champagne binge I felt fine but wasn't sure what the reason was. It could have been a natural way that my body processed the bubbly or it could have been because of the shots. I normally don't drink to excess (ha!) and I don't usually mix liquors, wines, and beers but I'll keep the rest of these in my liquor cabinet in case I see that I'm heading into trouble one day!

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