Is Traveling for $20 a Day Possible?

by - January 24, 2015

Well, Vanabode says yes! I am pretty much a super budget traveller. I know when to purchase tickets, what days to fly out, how to maximize my time abroad by not having to backtrack (unless I have other friends to see in my first city), and where to find the best accommodations. I never did get to travel on $20 a day though which is something I wouldn't be able to do now because I pretty much spend about that much on booze alone while I'm on vacation. Per meal. Per. Meal.

So basically living in a vanabode is living in a van that is your home for more than just a week or two. It's a total lifestyle that I know is super hard for me and 95% of my friends to do in this stage of our lives. I yearn for the days that I can just roam around with a few of my family members in an RV, keeping ourselves entertained without needed the Internet or TV, and just making the best out of being minimalistic but realistically I'm way past that point. I like things. I need my moisturizers, to keep in touch with my friend across the US and abroad, eating fancy cheese and drinking wine. I wouldn't survive on $20 a day. I can probably spend only $20 as it is now but housing and keeping the lights out already have me at a lot more than that.

I do love the book and know a few of my friends that would love it as well. If anyone really wants to disappear into the open road there's so much advice here not just on choosing the right essentials but keeping yourself safe and secure while doing so. The idea really does fascinate me. I know I can easily do it if I wanted to or if my cousins just gave me a really big push! It's just so tough to leave things like health insurance, income, and an apartment behind. And my shoes. I am just a wee bit attached to my shoes!

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