An Unexpected Peppermint Oil Discovery

by - January 17, 2015

I was given Pure Body Natural's Peppermint Oil a while back to try out but I only just started to use it a few days ago. I've been having tons of leg pain and needed to soak it in epsom salt but wanted to add some kind of oil of some sort to add a extra dose of benefit. This peppermint oil was said to sooth and energize, which I thought was a good idea for my super tight muscles and I knew the smell of peppermint was going to add a nice touch for my senses while I soaked the pain away.

Now all leg issues aside I will say this about the peppermint oil. It is cooling as ----! I wanted to be nice a cozy under the covers after my soak with knee high socks, wool pants, a sheet and my blanket but nothing was working. The oil was so potent and strong that the cooling effect was out of hand. After about an hour I finally had to hop back in the shower to rub whatever was on my skin off in order to sleep warm.

I learned the hard way that this is not to be used during the cold months but now I know that if I want to keep cool during the harsh summer nights, or on a day that I don't want to have my air conditioner running super high I can take a quick soak in this! There are tons of other uses for this oil but I think I'm going to stick to using it for it's cooling effect on my body. I like that this came in a really large bottle too because a little bit totally goes a long way with this oil!

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