Dream Cream Hair Moisturizer

by - December 26, 2014

Another goodie that I received a few weeks ago to try out was this Dream Cream Hair Moisturizer.  I'm usually skeptical about what I put in my hair because I'm a keratin junkie and don't want to ruin all the time and effort it takes to keep my hair pin straight but this moisturizer is totally okay for my hair. Aside from it having a bit of alcohol all the ingredients are very moisturizing. It's got cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera juice, vitamin E, coconut oil...all the essentials for super soft hair. It also smells really good which is a nice plus.

Now despite me loving all the ingredients in this moisturizer I'm not a fan of leaving any on my hair unless it's in the form of a mist so the way I use this is the way I use any deep conditioner. Once a week after I wash my hair I put some of this on and then sit under my hair dryer for about 20 minutes. After that I rinse it off and my hair is left super soft and smelling amazing. 

It's totally worth a try for anyone interested in finding a product that's almost 100% natural and that can also double as a skin moisturizer. And just because the company is feeling generous, I get to give one of these beauties away to one of my readers. So tweet this post for your chance to win it!

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