Fashion Spotlight: Kate Dioneda

by - May 15, 2014

I recently came across a new designer named Kate Dioneda and fell in love with her designs instantly. Her designs are really versatile and I like that her pieces can be used solo or with complimenting pieces to add a bit of edginess. These Black Sequined Mini Shorts would not only be great for a night out but can be worn at the office during the holiday season with some black tights (as shown), any blazer and funky pumps or skin tight boots.

My favorite piece from this collection is the Coat-to-Jacket in Wool with Faux Leather Sleeves. Just the thought of having a super versatile item in my closet makes me happy especially when I have to consider that I'm mostly in LA and would love to hop on a plane in October with a jacket and arrive in NYC (or London or Paris) with a coat and not ruin my look.

Overall I think Kate Dioneda's line is really feminine, edgy fashion that will help someone looking to spruce up their wardrobe without spending tons of money or ending up with the same items as anyone they know.  The newly launched site is open for business and the products ship worldwide so while I know summer hasn't even arrived I think it's time to start planning the perfect autumn/winter wardrobe. I've already ordered the Coat-to-Jacket and can't wait to wear it. Next up is said autumn trip to a colder destination in order to show off how awesome it is!

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