World Market Decor Buys For Under $50

by - April 29, 2014

I've been a fan of World Market since I had to furnish a tiny Astoria apartment back in 2009. My goal at the time was to furnish it with pieces that were affordable, stood out quickly and could be placed in different types of rooms since that's how my apartment was set up. Now that I have a much larger place and work across the street from one of their retail stores I've fallen more in love with it and am constantly picking things up.

Here are some under $50 pieces that will give your space a fresh new look and help lighten it up for spring.

1. Nathan Carved Wood Wall Panels, Set of 3- $45
    This set of 12"x12" carved wood panels are a great size and will fit perfectly in an entryway or accent wall.

2. Black Vintage-Style Magnet Clock- $15
    This magnet vintage style clock is an affordable and useful way to add some flair in your kitchen and have a time telling device at the same time. Most smaller kitchen walls are taken up by cabinets making it hard to find a place for a clock so the fact that this is magnetic makes it really handy.

3. "Life Does Not Have To Be Perfect" Wall Decor- $35
    A daily motivational reminder is never a bad thing to see when you're leaving or re-entering your apartment. This thin 3.5' distressed plank is a cute way to give yourself a much needed boost without being overpowering and cheesy.

4. Klara Antique Candlestick Table Lamp Base- $50
    The Kiara Antique Candlestick Table Lamp base has enough detail to not look plain and boring but is subtle enough to fix a range of lampshades. It's a versatile piece that can be on display all year long.

5. Aqua Embossed Ceramic Canister- $8
    Let's face is, us girls have small boxes, trays and containers full of small items like hair pins, quarters for laundry or small pendants that we can't afford to lose. This canister is a cute way to keep all of your small items in plain site.

6. Castelbel Fresh Cut Lavender Bar Soap- $6
   This gorgeously wrapped lavender soap serves two purposes: before it's used it can be on display on your bathroom counter and then as a soothing body wash with lavender and shea butter. It's heavenly.

7. White Round Bath Mat- $13
    Bath mats are usually square, oblong and boring but not this one. It's got detailed rings all around and a crochet edge that is really cute and fun.

8. Milk Bottle- $6
  Vintage milk bottles can be used in every area of your apartment and the print on this ones is a nice alternative to plain ones. You can fill it up with bubble bath salts if you place it in the bathroom, with a flower (real of fake) to be displayed on a bedside table, windowsill or coffee table and in the kitchen it can be used to store freshly made nut milks or juices.

I seriously can't get enough of this store and urge anyone wanting to add some changes to their home, without everyone knowing which Target or Ikea line it came from, to check it out!

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