February Cleanse

by - February 16, 2014

I mentioned last month that I wanted to do a cleanse once a month and tomorrow I will begin the one for February. I've labeled and bagged enough ingredients for 4 days but tomorrow I'm going to buy some more for days 5-7. I am determined to do a seven day cleanse and I'm pretty sure I can do it. Being off until Wednesday will be good because it'll let me start at home and let the consistency flow into the workweek.

The cleanse I did in January was only three days and includes six daily juices. I loved that the juices were filling enough to leave me satisfied at the end of the day having just consumed 4-5 of them which let me add a day to my cleanse. The cleanse make me feel energized, in total control of what I was putting into my body and it helped me lose some weight. I felt a sense of euphoria during those four days that I've never felt before. Instead of feeling sluggish, hungry or moody (due to hunger) I was upbeat, satiated and was more focused during my workouts. After the four days were up I continued to drink 1-2 healthy juices a day until I went away for work and that just threw my eating into a tailspin! EEK! Now that I'm back home I can get back on track with my eating habits and kick carbs, fatty foods and unprocessed junk to the curb.

I'd love for some of my readers to join me so I've written the ingredients of the juices but if you're not ready to jump into a full on cleanse just yet I highly recommend drinking at least one of these juices a day, mainly the green ones, to add a powerful dose of vitamins we all need in a form that's better than a pill.

Our 3 day cleanse. It can be mixed up and extended as long as only one of the 'milks' are use daily
Day one is tomorrow! I'll write throughout the process and will do a full write up when I'm all done. Now I've got to head to bed because I have to run in the morning before spending the rest of the day organizing and decorating.

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