Jan 22, 2014

Celebrate Yourself Everyday!

I've been reading The Secret over the past few months and finally got to the section about relationships and how it's okay to put your wants, desires and needs first. It makes me really happy to read that because I always believed that a person can't take care of someone unless they take care of themselves and see how great they truly are. We all make mistakes and go through rough things but it's important to not let that type of stuff define us. For that reason I decided to make a list of what I love about myself and I encourage everyone to follow suit!

1. My ability to say a thousand words with just a glance.
2. My love of cooking and making up fun recipes.
3. My amazing skin--all the obsession over my skin care regiments have been worth it.
4. My taste in music.
5. The love I have for my family and that I get in return.
6. My desire to only ever impress myself.
7. My creativity in the kitchen, with my hands and with words.
8. My boobs---I love em!
9. My love of history. Knowing where we came from and what makes us who we are.
10. My positive outlook on life. It only took me 33 years to crawl myself out of unhappiness and I'm not going back in it any time soon!
11. My love of lists.
12. How I travel to Europe not to see Piccadilly Circus again but to spend some time with friends that are near and dear to my heart.
13. My great memory.
14. My sense of style.
15. My handpicked inner circle of friends.
16. My ability to teach myself new things.
17. My face. I have to admit that my face is divine. It's asymmetrical, with eyes and brows that were made for showing off makeup, high cheekbones, well defined jawline...perfection.
18. My movie nerdiness. 'They'll fix you. They fix everything'

Writing this list put a huge smile on my face. So now it's your turn! What do you love about yourself. Don't be shy people, put yourselves first!


  1. I love my eyes and I have great legs
    I can inspire people and make them feel at ease very easily
    I am blessed to have great friends and colleagues who are an amazing support

    I have done this exercise before and it's a great one to do and my list is a long one too but I won't write it all now. I will though encourage others to do it too and to take copies of the list and keep one beside their desk, one in their wallet and perhaps one on the bathroom mirror so they see the list often and see how wonderful they are.

  2. I love history too! I will have to think about creating a list like this.

    1. Do it. It totally put a smile on my face as I wrote it and it just reminded me of how awesome I am!!!