Nov 18, 2019

Winter is Here So Stay Cozy In Bed

Yup! I said it. Despite the fact that I'm still bitter with how the show ended I still feel the need to quote it because winter in SoCal has been creeping for a while and it's finally here. Because of that, I've been on a mission for some warm weather gear in my everyday life.

Let's start with this super cozy fleece blanket that I just got from Sedona House. It's pretty damn amazing. It's the perfect size for two people to lay under and I really like the extra warmth that it gives me when I put it over my comforter. It's fuzzy but in a way that's made really well and it's looking amazing after two washes.

I mostly keep it in the bedroom because I like the way it looks on top of my comforter when I make my bed but I do always bring it out when I'm watching tv at night and want to be warm and cozy on the couch. The color that was sent to me is grey but it comes in a ton of other colors to choose from and for $19 on Amazon, it's amazing!

I've also been buying new tops and pants over the last few weeks but I finally decided to upgrade my sleepwear into winter-appropriate things. I love to wear holiday printed PJs but I always take them off when I get into bed because they drag on the ground and collect dust and dirt that I can't bring to bed.  And who has time to sweep and mop their floors every day to ensure that it's always dust/dirt free? Not me! So I finally got these super-light jogger pants that I've been using as PJs and I adore them! Not only are they really light but I love that they have no way of dragging which means that I can take them from lounging around the house straight to bed without getting cold.

I also bit the bullet and bought one of those blanket scarves to style really cute. I get super cold all the time so it was important to get a scarf that I could drape myself, however, I needed to whenever I was at work because I'm that person that is freezing all the time.

All in all, I'm really embracing these cooler temperatures that we're experiencing lately. I know that they won't last very long but I plan on keeping myself super cozy while I long for our endless 80 degrees and up days!

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