Nov 25, 2019

Travel Inspira Digital Scale

Like I wrote about a few days ago, I've been getting some cool gear from Travel Inspira. I previously wrote about the Weekender Garment Bag that I can't wait to use when I travel soon. But unfortunately, there's no way for me to get away with getting just that. I will for sure need to check a bag.

But when it comes to going away for about three weeks I'll need more than just a carry-on. Especially during the winter. I used to always fly Southwest because of their two free checked bags but they always include a stop and now I only want to hop on and off a plane once per route-no exceptions. This means that I'm usually paying $30-35 per bag with a max of 50 lbs. 

I own several scales but because they're digital it's hard to really gauge how heavy a suitcase it. I can do the trick where I weigh myself and then myself with my bags but I don't trust that either because I end up moving a whole lot while carrying it. I don't have to worry about that anymore though because I finally have a luggage scale to put myself at ease before I head over to the airport.

Travel Inspira sent me their Digital Luggage Scale and now I can always feel confident that I will not incur an overweight fee. This scale can weigh a bag up to 100lbs and even gives an overweight alert, but that's not really needed if you just look at the numbers! These scales are just under $10 on Amazon and come in red black and silver. They're perfect for someone who travels for long periods at a time or that flies super budget airlines that even take the weight of carry-on bags.

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