Nov 26, 2019

Travel Imspira Power Adapter

I'm always traveling and like I mentioned in my post last week, I've been gifted a ton of travel goodies from Travel Inspira to help me along this travel season. Along with my Weekender Travel Bag and Digital Luggage ScaleTravel Inspira hooked me up with this awesome universal travel.

Now I know there's not a ton to say about one of these but hear me out: This travel adapter is not only great for traveling all around mainland Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, Asia, etc, but it's also great if you're like me and always end up in places with limited outlets. That makes this adapter come in handy because I can plug in my laptop along with two other USB items like my phone, watch or tablet. When I'm traveling making sure that all of my items have charging availability is super essential.

I like that it has all of these things in a small package and that they sell this on Amazon because let's be real if something isn't sold on Amazon, is it really worth it? The one that I got has 2 USB ports for $12.99 but if you have more gadgets than me you may want to spend an extra $7 for the one with 4 USB ports. It's a win either way!

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