Nov 19, 2019

Reading Kingdom With My Newphew!

I love kids. I have a lot of them in my life that I've taken care of since they were teeny tiny who are now college graduates, recent HS grads or just learning the ropes of well, learning. While I've been watching kids I've always made sure that it wasn't just about tv and playing outside but also learning. I'm a total nerd so you can imagine that it's a big part of my life. Oh, and did I tell you I'm also a tech junkie? Yea, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that.

Throughout the entire time that I've been playing around with kids, only one person has ever objected to having their child learn on the computer. I get where they come from but being that kids are going to be doing everything on a computer, mainly online when they start school now, it's not such a bad way to supplement their learning or help them get started before going to school. Reading Kingdom is one of those great tools that can help give kids a boost with their learning when they're outside of school as well as keep them distracted because they think they're just playing games.

I was using this with my nephew and he seems to really enjoy it. It starts off with an assessment to see where the kid is with things so that it can guide them from there, similar to language ones that I personally use to keep myself updated with my French (and still trying to learn German). The design is really cute and it has an owl as their main character which he really seems to enjoy as well.

I was given a free yearly membership to use but if you want to give it a try you can start with a free one for 30-days. My hope is that they come out with an app soon for tablets or iPhones because it'll be a great way to keep kids busy on road trips when they're tired of looking at the same mountain over and over. I'm going to do the assessment frequently to see how much he's actually learning and if he keeps going I'm sure it'll be something that I use with his two younger siblings as part of the learning by playing thing that I love doing with kids!

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