Nov 27, 2019

OIAMIK Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I am a TV and screen junkie. I am always in front of a screen whether I'm at home or at work so it's important that I have something to help block the harmful blue light from hitting my eyes when I'm awake. I've tried a lot of light blocker glasses before but didn't like a lot of them for their looks. They either had orange lenses or an awkward shape that I wouldn't be caught dead with them outside of my bedroom. I really gave up on blue light glasses but a few companies started sending some my way which started to pique my interest again.

OIAMIK is the latest company to send me a pair of these and so far I'm loving them. To start, I like that they look like regular glasses. They are thin and because I wear glasses regularly anyway, no one notices when I switch things up a bit with these. I've actually been wearing my contacts to work more now because I feel comfortable in glasses AND because of the lack of eye fatigue means that I could wear them longer.

These blue light blocker glasses from OIAMIK go for only $24.99 and have a money-back guarantee and breakage warranty which is awesome because they are kind of thin and a hard step can be fatal to them! These are also made with a resin lens that has glare, reflective, scratch and dust resistant properties that will help them last longer. You can also test the lenses against others with their anti-blue test pen and card that are included in the box. They really didn't miss a beat with this product.

If you're in the market for great affordable blue light blocker glasses or know someone that always complains about being in front of a screen all day this is totally what you need to get your hands on ASAP!

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