Nov 21, 2019

Keep Calm And Carry On With Travel Inspira

This week marks the beginning of the holiday season and while a lot of us are where we need to be this long weekend, a good chunk of us are heading to the airport, train station or hitting the road to eat some turkey and pretend to get along with everyone at the dinner table.

Travel Inspira sent me their Weekend Garment Bag and at first, I thought it was just a regular travel bag that could be used as a carry-on. It didn't seem like anything too special or interesting. I was a little concerned when I received this as a flat package. My thought was that there was just no way that the bag would develop a nice shape. That's when I realized that this was a garment bag/carry on and I got super excited.

I've never had a bag where I can put clothes inside the lining, making use of space as well as making sure that certain items didn't get wrinkled. I'm not the kind of person that travels for business at all but it's really cool to have during the holiday season when I do travel with cute dresses/tops that I don't want to iron.

photo by Travel Inspira

When I zipped the bag up I was really excited about the size. I tested it out with some of my dresses and was really happy with how much more I felt I was able to carry in my bag. I also really like the space for the shoes. I'll probably use that for my toiletries when I take my next flight to make it easy to grab when I'm going through TSA and before I put my entire bag in the overhead bin.

I'm super excited about this Weekend Garment Bag by Travel Inspira and love this, as well as the other goodies that they recently sent me to help me handle my end of year travel better.

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