PIXI Creations Bento Box

Leftovers seem to be everywhere at this time of the year. So far I've gone to 5 holiday events and the seasons just got started. I also threw my own pre-holiday party in my apt because I haven't had one before.

I love to cook and entertain because that usually means that I'll have left overs for a day or two and that'll save me from spending money on lunch and dinner. But it sucks when I have different types of foods and I either have to carry different containers or have a big mess of food by the time it hits lunch. I've been looking for a bento box for a really long time because I had one in the past and I loved it. I don't eat a fruit, starch, and protein specifically during all of my meals but I do like to keep some things separate so that's why I'm loving my PIXI Creations Bento Boxes . I got these a few weeks ago and have been using them almost every day. They're not leak proof, so I have to be careful about how I carry them around but they do a good job of keeping everything in its place.