Not Your Child Corp App

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Because total vehicle automation isn't here yet this is a perfect tool to protect the ones you care about behind the wheel!

Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 16-25 yr olds. Over half of these senseless deaths involve alcohol or drugs (MADD). Not Your Child Corp. is a Canadian company dedicated to preventing your loved ones from becoming a part of these statistics. By combining a breathalyzer, GPS & auto locking technologies, you’ll be able to prevent your child from starting the car if impaired, & monitor your child’s speed & location from their phones while driving – even from another country.

New Invention Features:
- Alcohol B.A.C.% detection
- GPS tracking
- Speed alerts
- Customizable Points of Interest (e.g. Bars, Pubs, neighborhood even a single home address)
- Unauthorized Use Of Car - Protection
- Customizable Geo-Fences
- Curfew - after hours. alert
-Driving reports
Gives parents of young drivers and families suffering from alcoholism more control. All features are customizable by the parent or monitoring party via the Not Your Child Corp. App.
Early bird price packages avail here: & includes installation, support & subscription plan.