Let's Talk About Pores

Taking care of oversized and clogged pores are making a comeback these days. I remember when Biore nose strips were all the rage about 10 years ago and just as quickly as we became obsessed with clearing the pores on our noses the fad quickly faded away. But why it was a fad is something I will never know.

Ever since that emergence I became obsessed myself and haven't really stopped. I take comfort in laying on my back in bed with a zoom mirror and a pair of tweezers and went to work on freeing my pores of yucky black and white heads. But these days all of these machines have come out that promise to clean out your pores super quick and naturally, because it's a gadget, super cool.

When I got my Pore Vacuum Minimizing Cleanse by EttyX  I was excited at how small and light it was, also at the fact that it gets charged via USB. You have nooooo idea how much that means to me because traveling with a ton of power cords is a nightmare. So well, now you do know how much it means to me ;-)

I've tried this a few times already and am already happy with some of the results. I also like that it's not an average pore vacuum because it does so much more than that. Unlike others that I've tried, this one has settings that help warm the area you want to treat, making the pores open up for better extraction and then it has a cold one that tightens and cools after, making it harder for little nasties to get into the open pores. In between the hot and cold settings you can use one of 5 suction settings for mild to stubborn blackheads. Another feature is a beauty lamp that helps brighten the skin and cain aid with collagen regeneration.

All in all, EttyX came out with a product for the price and I highly recommend it above basic pore vacuums, not just because it sucked the crap out of my blackheads but because the hot and cool settings really made this possible.