Dot&Dot Smart Electronics Organizer Travel Case

I’m a lover of a lot of things, with two of them happening to be travel and technology. When I fly I always like to do it early morning or super late at night so that I can sleep and not waste anytime up in the air instead of having fun. But sometimes I can’t sleep so I need things to distract me. Sure, most of the airlines that I fly have super nice entertainment systems but I still like to bring my laptop, iPad and naturally my phone. Oh yea, and my Nintendo 3DS in case I need to brush up on my Mario Kart.

With all of these things my purse and/or book bag are usually filled with wires and my biggest fear is always that I’m going to lose one of my much needed wires or headphones. Now I've used Dot&Dot products before--they're the ones that introduced me to packing cubes many years ago, so I love the fact that I can keep on using their products with this Smart Electronics Travel Case.

This case is super cool because it has a slim design that lets it fit easily into my purse, which is what I use a travel on now (as opposed to my bookbag). It has tons of space for my battery packs, multiple wires and even my Nintendo 3DS. Oh and chargers! Although I always try to be fully charged before I even head to the airport it's important for me to have everything in one place to avoid things getting lost and mixed up with other things.

Dot&Dot has some awesome travel products and based on how early on they came out with their packing cubes, they're ahead of the game so grab these now for your travel needs so that you're always organized before, during and after a trip!