Better Hashtags with Upsocial

I'm a blogger that has fallen madly in love with Instagram. It's fun, easy to use and again, super fun! The best part about it is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are the best way to get new followers checking out your photos because if someone searches for one and your pic is one of the top (or most recent ones), it gets peoples attention.

Now with Instagram, you're allowed up to 30 hashtags per photo or video which means you have A LOT of chances to get the attention of the right people. Unfortunately though, sometimes it's not easy to think of a single hashtag, let alone 30, and trying to find them while you're on the actual app can be a pain, so a site like Upsocial is where it's at.

Upsocial is super easy to use. You enter a topic and it gives you a massive list of relevant hashtags for it. It's super cool. Plus if you sign up with them, because using the site is free, you get a bunch of other features like hashtag stats, which is super important because you absolutely do not want to waste hashtags on something that is irrelevant or not used/search as it defeats the purpose of them and will not aid in gaining a single follower.

Now to sign up with Upsocial is free but you have to sign up with your Facebook--there's no way around this--but if you're an active blogger that is trying to grow a brand, you're already using Facebook regularly, right?

I've been searching for a way to get relevant hashtags and I'm glad I've found one. Now their next step is getting a mobile app so I can use this on the go when I have something that I don't regularly post on a whim!