Vera Botanics Lash & Brow Serum

I used to have naturally long and thick lashes but lately I've noticed them getting a little thinner. This isn't good because my eyes have always been my best feature so keeping my lashes long and thick is a major priority for me. Having my lashes loose some of its fullness was bad enough so imagine how awful it is to see that my naturally thick eyebrows are starting to thin out as well. Aging totally sucks, right?!?!?!

But after a few weeks of using a new product, Vera Botanics Lash & Brow Serum, I feel like my brows and lashes are slowing starting to come back to me. What I love about this product is that it goes on smooth and doesn't feel tacky once it's taken some time to dry. Unlike other lash serums that I've used this one doesn't make my lashes brittle or have them fall out. This is a high potency serum that will nourish and soften lashes, giving you a boost in their appearance for a thicker and longer look.

The recommended us is at least twice a day for 60 days, which is why my results aren't spectacular yet, but I plan on using it for at least that long to see how if it's giving me the look that I want. This is totally the year that I'm ending on a good note. I've lost tons of weight, I'm getting my mental health in check and now, I'm focusing on my best feature: my face!

If you need to give your brows and lashes some love so that you're not spending tons of money on extensions and eyebrow pencil head on over to Amazon and give these a go!