BAM! Masking Tape!

I've been trying to write a blog post about this product, while using the product, because I really love the idea of it but unfortunately the kiddos were 100% NOT into playing with them.

Their idea of fun is drawing, watching tv, and being outside. At 3 and 4 years old my little nephews don't understand the idea of creating white space. With that being said, BAM! Tape Color Masking Tape is a really cool line of products. I was able to open and feel these out and can say that these are made really well.

To start, the pack comes with 10 vibrant 1 inch by 60 yard rolls that have a very strong adhesive. Making them super versatile for arts and crafts as well as actual labeling, which can totally make something like moving easy to do if you're OCD and want to label things by colors or something like that. They're also fun to use for wall decor if you're a super creative type that can come up with designs that can be put up and taken out without any fuss, since these do not leave any kind of marks on walls like they show on their Amazon pics.

If you have kids that are willing to get crafty with these I completely recommend them! I wish the kiddos I planned on playing these with were as receptive as I expected but I'm glad I'll have other uses for them when I transition from winter to summer or just need to store some more things!