More Feel Good Days With Reflectly


I'm a huge believer in therapy and all the ways that it can help us feel better. It’s great when we’re down, awesome when we’re up, and it’s just a great way to reflect and stay on track. Now I know that not everyone is into it and that’s okay, because there’s something else that can help a teeny bit if you’re not at the point where you need to see someone. By now a lot of us know that the best way to figure things out is to take account of what’s going on. By doing this we can track our moods, why we felt that way, and from there try to figure out how to get out of it. Or at the very least, we can see the pattern and try to avoid it.

I’m a lover of writing and tracking thing. The notepad on my phone is filled with my thought and I track things like it’s my job. I track my sleep, workouts, periods, water intake, the works! But with Reflectly I can privately vent my thoughts and track my moods much better than just writing my thoughts on my notepad. Reflectly lets me add how I’m feeling that day. It asks if I want to elaborate and also gives me prompts to help guide my writing or thoughts for that day.

Every morning Reflectly gives you personalized content that can help you start the day off right. If you had a tough day yesterday, it can ask what you plan on doing to make today better and if your day has been going to crap you can explain why and in that way reflect (get it!) on it to try to avoid making that same mistake again. Along with morning prompts you also get to track your moods and thoughts weekly which to me are a huge help. Sometimes I forget that I can pms really hardcore and don’t realize it until I’m either asked (by myself or someone) what is going on. With this, the guessing is gone and I’m going to use this as a guide to not let myself get into those minor funks.

This isn’t only to track mood dips though, Reflectly also gives fun little questions that re sure to liven you day, even if it’s just for a teeny bit. The reflections of the day are just helpful ways to have a little fun and remember that we don’t only need to track how we feel when thing are kinda bad but also when things are good snd you want to have a little but of fun. It also starts to ask more relevant questions the more you use it which makes it more fun since it's won't be 100% generic after a while. Reflectly is free to use but to unlock more features you can pay $25 or $50 and be on your way to a slightly mentally* better you! Plus it is such a beautiful and streamlined app. There aren't any annoying ads, the design is very smooth and again, it's really pretty to look at!

*I in no way am saying that this is a good substitute for professional help -this is just something a bit extra. As someone diagnosed with MDD, I know the value and importance of a therapy and/or medication plan so if you feel you need one call up your insurance provider and they should help you get on your way good mental health!