Fresh Ball GoFiltr Portable Water Filters

Water. I used to hate drinking it. It was always so boring, so bleh...lacking any kind of fun. But because I know how good it is for me I started drinking it a million times a day a few years ago. Now I’ll never be seen without my water bottle. I always have it with me when I leave the house and make sure to drink about 5-8 bottles a day. Minimum. 

Now because I drink so much water I’ve been looking for ways to make it fun and beneficial. I started off with the fun by buying a Sodastream because the bubbles made the water seem fun and exciting. But that gives no benefits whatsoever so I stopped making it my primary way to drink water. This led me to alternate between sparkling and flat water regularly. And while the flat water was boring, it gave me a chance to make it work for me. So I was super excited to try the GoFiltr portable water filters from Fresh Ball.

I was sent two water filters to try out and share my views with masses. The first filter that I tried was the alkaline one. The instructions tell you to rinse it for a bit before using it for the first time to get rid of anything loose. Then you put it in your bottle, fill it up with water and get to drinking. One filter lasts for 3 months or about 750 refills and can be swapped out if you want to switch to another one like their electrolyte filter. 

I used to be an avid smartwater drinker. I kept saying that the electrolytes helped me get over my hangovers and maybe it did, I'm not sure, but I do not electrolytes are great for the body. The instructions for the electrolyte filter are the same and it's said to start working in 15 minutes. I liked this one for the benefits it was said to give but I wasn't able to experience it. This filter has an aftertaste that is super strong so I had to stop using it. It really made me not want to drink my water which is unfortunate because I know that Fresh Ball worked  really hard on these GoFiltr's and I love that they're made in my state of California. I'm not saying that the electrolyte filter shouldn't be tried by anyone that wants this in their water, I'm just letting you guys know about my personal experience as someone super sensitive to taste and scent.

With the holidays coming up these filters would be a great stocking stuffer for the heath nut in your life and for you as well of course! I can't stop using the alkaline one and can't wait to fully experience all of it's benefits!