Travel Must Have: Venture 4th Travel Wallet

I love traveling. It's one of the few things we can do to make us feel alive (legally, lol). Every time I travel I mostly do it solo because I find it so much easier that way. When I do go away and don't stay at a friends place I usually rent  an airbnb because it's super convenient. Of course, this all means that I have to be careful with things like my passport, ID and cash.

A few years back I had a little purse that I would wear under my jacket for this occasion. As a tourist I was never embarrassed to have this as it let me have the most valuable things in one place. That purse has been long gone and I'm glad I have a replacement for it because I plan on heading over to Europe in the spring of 2019.

This Travel Wallet by Venture 4th is super cool. Not only is it super lightweight, meaning it won't be annoying and obvious under your clothing, but it has RFID Blocking which means that all of your credit card information is safe.

The travel wallet also has multiple pockets so you can have your passport in one place, credit cards in another and then cash in a different one so that you're not fumbling around looking for something--one issue I had when I was using a little purse to hold my things while I was traveling.

I'm glad I have this because it's totally going to be useful to me when I head over to Europe in the fall and need something lightweight, that protects my cards and is practically invisible.