Magnetic Dry Erase Monthly Calendar

I love planning tools because it means that I have very little excuse to not get the shit that I have to get done, done. I have alerts set up on my phone, several planners for my different types of plans (work/personal and blog) and I'm also like the post-it queen.

 So when this Magnetic Dry Erase Monthly Calendar by Spark and Clover fell on my lap I was over the moon about it. I'm in the middle of a massive personal project  where I'm trying to end the year strong so I totally need reminders to get myself in check. This calendar is perfect because it's big but not too big. It's big enough that I can write on it and not feel like the word are squished which I love. One thing that these usually have in common is it's small size per box so I'm glad I don't have to worry about that with this one. I also like the markers that it came with. It's got great colors that will stand out so I can't like ignore them because it's just black writing.

Along with the calendar this came with a pad for notes that's a very nice size. This is going to let me write notes that I'll actually be able to see. Plus it's a great compliment to my calendar. I love making lists and while I use my notepad app on my phone 99.9% of the time but I do still love to write thing down and be able to check them off one by one, erase, and start over.

Now for whatever reason this did not stick to my fridge but it did stick to other things so I know it works. Since I'm having issues with this (due to my fridge, NOT the calendar), I'm going to get something that I can use to help keep it up because I really like this and the little individual "notepad"  Anyone needing or wanting one of these should totally get one ASAP before they run out or get pricier. So if you want to grab one and get a 25% off discount use this code: KRYZFD9B when you check out on Amazon.